Bigger Government

Bigger Government
The Future of Government Expenditure in Advanced Economies
Arolla Press
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Advanced nations are headed for a new era of bigger government, with government expenditure set to increase enormously over the next three decades. In all advanced countries, health spending will be driven irresistably upward by the costs of precision medicine and other new technologies, and by the need to fix the weaknesses highlighted by the coronavirus pandemic. Governments will also be compelled to spend big on fighting global warming, fixing ailing infrastructure and ... read more

Bigger Government is a "must read", according to the FT's Martin Wolf.

"This deeply-researched and brilliantly-argued book is an honest, clear-minded assessment of the fiscal future that awaits advanced countries in response to changes in health care, income support, infrastructure deficits and other powerful drivers of public spending. Robinson's mastery of program details and socioeconomic trends makes this study essential reading for national leaders and public finance specialists"
Allen Schick, Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution and Professor Emeritus, School of Public Policy, University of Maryland.

Marc Robinson is an internationally-recognized expert on public finances. As a consultant, he has advised more than thirty countries, on all continents and at all stages of development, on budgeting reforms. He has also been a senior civil servant, a professor of economics, and a staff economist at the International Monetary Fund... read more...

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